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Shutter, utility for screenshots


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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I often find myself coming to terms with the screenshot, especially when I write a tutorial, or when I write about a new program the little known.

Until some time ago I used the utility to internal Gimp ("File" - "Create" - "Screenshot"), whose options allow you to choose to "photograph" whole screen, or window with the senza decorations, or to set a delay in the event that we "photograph" of menu in sistema.

The screenshots with Gimp

Other tools without great pretensions instead play the simple job of taking a screen of the entire screen visible. No option is not configurable if the course to save the screenshot. This is the case of "gnome-screenshot".

Uno screenshot con "gnome-screenshot"

Lately, instead, I found myself looking for a program that would allow me the precise selection of the image around the screen, perhaps with a magnifying glass integrated and found Shutter.

Shutter is an application open source very light (1.4 MB) written entirely in perl, which depends in whole. Below the main screen with its most important functions.

Among other functions also allows Shutter select a portion of the screen in a precise manner with the "magnifying glass". A nice advantage when it comes to tutorials.


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