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At this time I was sweating cold. Unfortunately I had a hand in files “.htaccess“, responsible among other things also changes in the url (Smart URLs) Site.

Yesterday, without thinking about the importance of the famous file, I've overwritten with some new rules, ignoring the old ones so much that I had served to make the url “SEO friendly“. In practice, the error was to not recognizing the url Thumbnail Articles (in home page, but also in search page o nei Links to external sites). This error has persisted behind my back for about 24 hours, more than enough to drop by more than 70% (only in 24 hours) blog entries, only after a brief investigation, I realized not being able to access the full articles, but just to previews.

The solution we had WordPress. Mi è bastato save another time settings permalinks to restore the old file changes “.htaccess“. The settings are changed by clicking on the administrative side menu interface “Settings” – “Permalink“.

I re-saved the changes already set the page “Permalink settings” and you're done, but that fear.

I had already talked about how much can be dangerous “.htaccess“?


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