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Today's article is not intended nor survey, neither a review nor a guide. On a recent visit by the parties of Saturnia, in an area where countries are very distant between them and the few roads that connect them are poorly lit at night.

If this was first aired a “danger” for us that we were (the usual nonsense of the genus: “and if the car battery is discharged?“, “and if we end up off the road?“) it is then translated into a Failure to light pollution, which made clearly visible Milky Way and most of the stars that “home” usually I do not see.

Armed with some photographic picture-taking machine by setting the’lens aperture 30”. The result? One can only appreciate by clicking on the image below.

The constellation of '& quot; Orsa Maggiore"

Not enough?


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voucher · 15 September 2010 at 5:21 PM

Essendo stata personalmente con te posso affermare che è stato davvero uno spettacolo stupendo! Non ho mai visto la via Lattea così bene!
Ne sono rimasta meravigliata! 🙂

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