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And after a long absence due to earned vacation I'm back with a tutorial very simple for our program editing fotografico preferred: Gimp.

In this tutorial we will see how level colors of a photo automatically. It can happen often to extract from the album of memories some photos taken a few decades ago, which have now lost most of the color original and are dyed red or blue, or even green. Here are some examples.

The photos he took of the red
Here he took the blue

The most effective way to adjust the color software is definitely the regulation of the levels. Often, however, those who are beginners are not very familiar with the’histogram and prefer a graphical tool, but we will see how leveling the color is available an automated tool. In Gimp we find the histogram below “colors” – “levels“.

Clicking on the button “Auto” the program recognizes the percentage optimal color in the picture: Red, Green and Blue. It also acts on the channel “Value“, for now suffice it to say that is roughly as brightness adjustment.

The original image | The level image
The original image | The level image

Not always the effect we want to achieve is the photo well equalized, is often a more pleasant cross processing natural, the effect “faded” the ancient photo. The fact is that this tool fully automatic is formidable.


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voucher · 14 September 2010 at 5:03 PM

Welcome back! (:D)
You got that right, if you'd told me you do “self” I would have left as the scanned photo!!
Pretty the little girl in the picture!XD

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