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This article is a translation of the post dated “10 August 2010” on '”Official Gmail blog“.

We are constantly attentive to the feedback of Gmail, and for some time in first place among the applications there has been a better management of contacts. Users have requested a contact management easier, and specific improvements such as sort contacts by last name, keyboard shortcuts, special labels for phone numbers. So for about popular initiative we are happy to announce that a revised version for Gmail contacts is in use just today.

The contacts will now work almost like the rest of Gmail, so if you know how to use Gmail know easily handle even the contacts. You can also adopt the new features that users have requested, such as:

  • Shortcuts keyboard (children with “Contacts” and awards “?” for the complete list)
  • Ordina contacts by last name (look under the curtain “More Actions”)
  • Labels custom phone numbers and other fields
  • Ability to cancel the last change
  • Saving Automatic
  • Fields names struttirati, so you can tune titles, suffixes, and other names
  • Field “note” more spacious

While we were working, we also improved layout and Simplified path to get to the tab “Contacts“. Now these links are in the top left, along with a link “Post” and “Activity“.

If you're not interested “Contacts o le “Activity“, can hide these links by clicking on the small “” place on board hander gave link same. Generally now the header has been reduced, and the first message is placed around 16 pixels higher than before.

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Se usi le Google Apps, you will not see the latest updates contacts immediately. We are actively working to make the actual changes Also on domains owned, and plan in the short term to make the changes to customers of Google Apps.

Please, leave a comment of feedback, we are always working to give you the best with Gmail.


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