In today's tutorial we see how create a piece of tape, or gauze fabric from scratch with Gimp. A visualization that will always come in handy in the arrangement of the pictures, for example. In this tutorial, however, we'll only create the “piece of transparent tape“, obviously include it in its work is at your own graphics.

In Gimp create a new file with the default size. We create now a new level of 341 x 121 pixel, e lo fill with the corresponding color all'esadecimale “#dddddd“, a light gray.

Now click on the layer corresponding to the gray rectangle with the right mouse button and select “Layer to Image Size“. Then we create the tears to our side adhesive tape going in the menu “Filters” – “Distortions” – “Ripples” taking account of the following settings.

At this point create the reflection on the polished surface of scotch. Create a new layer and the reflection going on “Filters” – “Render” – “Clouds” – “Solid Noise“. Then change the “Mode” in the tab of tiers “Usual” a “Overlying“.

Now elimimiamo everything that does not serve. This operation is quite “invisible“, must pay more attention. First of all click with the right the level corresponding to the piece of tape and select “Alpha to Selection“.

Then we go on “Select” – “Invert“.

Now select the layer that creates glare and press “Ctrl + X“.

It is now possible create a shadow under the piece of tape. “Filters” – “Light and shadow” – “Drop Shadow” with the following settings.

And this is the result so far.

The work is almost finished. Save your work as “.xcf” and when we use it in other photos just reopen, merge all levels, copy and paste everything in the new picture and reducing the opacity the 50%.


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Sergio · 24 May 2017 at 4:33 PM

Je cherche la manip inverse : Enlever les traces de scotch sur des photos scannées

    TheJoe · 30 May 2017 at 6:39 PM

    Vous devriez gagner confiance avec l’instrument « clone »
    (tradotto con un software automatico)

voucher · 14 August 2010 at 11:44 AM

mmmm thanks, I think that I will need this “scotch” 😀

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