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The other day the light in the sky was pretty weird, the weather was very variable: half an hour of rain with peaks and relapses, and also sprazi of calm here and the. You do not always happen the good fortune to find a time like this, but a few days ago I happened. In these weather conditions it is not uncommon to be able to take a picture blacks with clouds in the background and the foreground in light, the clouds permit.

Today we see how apply a rainbow ad a photo. Of course you can use any photo, but specifically it is more truthful a picture with the sun behind us, and the background of the picture itself clouded.

The original photo
The end result

The process is very simple. Create a new layer cliccando sull’apposito tasto nel tab dei livelli, then select the toolGradient” ( gradiente ) and the gradient called “Full Saturation Spectrum CW“.

Once you have selected the gradient we trace the rainbow where we want it to appear.

Now we have eleiminare the red parts Gradient, To do this we will use the tool “Select by Color” () clicking on any red space. Then will press “Ctrl + X” to cancel the selection.

Now change the “Mode” level (in Taxes, levels in the tab) in “Weak light“.

Sfochiamo via the “Blur” – “Gaussian” and we set a radius of 100px. Then reduce the opacity (always from the tab levels) the 50%.

Last step: remove the rainbow from the first floor (the walls of houses in the lower part of the picture). In this case we can not be too precise, the rainbow on white background rainbow appears, and on the first floor you may cross without the risk of known.

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voucher · 4 August 2010 at 7:18 PM

Great nice tutorial .. and very good photo!!! 😀
Perfect result!!!

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