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Flickr Edition: an application for backing up your own flickr


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Today we see a kidnapped overview of open source software "Flickr Edition".

FlickrEdit is nothing other than an application written in Java that si logga in our Flickr account and download photos on the computer for personal use or for recharging (for example in case of attack hackers).

Below is a quick overview of its functions:

  • Show photos and sets,
  • Show photos "Not in Set", "Recent", "Favorites", "Contacts" and "Groups",
  • Close pictures according to the data and tag,
  • Backs of photo and "Set",
  • Backs of headline, description, tag and copyright, e the stores IPTC header of the images,
  • Please upload some new pictures on Flickr (also through upload asincrono),
  • Edit photos and "Set", adds photos and comments to "Set",
  • Wheel photos
  • Clear photos and "Set"
  • Show photos, also as slideshow
  • Supports more than one user

In the official website you will find the application (also starts with Java web starter) and all the signs in English. It 'still a easy to use software.


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