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It dates back to October 2009 the’last change to the code of BUC (Just One Click), we are talking once again of a usable and useful software that seems to have closed the whole shebang.

As indicated in the site…

BUC - Just A Click - (a xml parser in C flanked by a generator dynamic interfaces in C with QT), è un software Open Source (GPL2) per GNU/Linux, developed by Matteo Ava in collaboration with Valerio Billera and the SiciLinuX Group, able to transform bash script (text file made executable, containing commands to be executed) in applications with convenient graphical interface and give a graphical interface to programs that can be run only from the command line.

In pratica BUC si frappone fra la command line e l’user, making it easy to creating a gui.

BUC in itself has no utility, but to interpret the executable files with extension “.mc. These executables are nothing more than simple file “XML” containing commands for the terminal. In this way (using XML) the creation of a GUI is quite simplified, and it is no longer necessary to resort to designer di gui which often condemn. As an example, instead of following one of the images that demonstrate the operation and ease of use even for those who have never programmed.

BUC can be installed from packages “.deb” (also for 64 bit), “.rpm” to Mandriva of the source unpacking the tarball. The executables “.mc“, instead (many of which created by the users and end users) are few dozen, just visit the download page on the official website, but given the simplicity of the gui creation it is reasonable to think that the less experienced user may have created its gui not sharing.

A software finally useful and easy to use, a pity that the development is at a standstill in October 2009.


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