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Many of you already know Inkscape, the program open source for excellence vector graphics, that with Scribus and Gimp defines the complete package for graphics its GNU/Linux. On the one hand, however, it is limited in’import / export formats (not more than it is Adobe Illustrator), the other is definitely more versatile as modular.

The following software allow the import of the format “.to“, Owner Adobe Illustrator.

UniConvertor is a universal vector graphics translator. And’ one tool to command line, model that uses objects sK1 to convert and format “.to“.

I also suggest that the software ““, a small script written in python for the conversion “on the fly” files Adobe Inkscape in SVG.

To operate the files you just have to copy-paste the script into a blank document which we will call ““.

Allowing execution File with “chmod 777“.

To use the file you just type “python“. The result will be ““.

Upgrading 21 January 2014 —

To open the Adobe Illustrator file just rename them giving the PDF extension. For example, if I had to convert the file “” I would be enough to rename it “prova.pdf“.


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