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OpenOffice introduces the new icons minimalist


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Lately (not so recently) Oracle bought Sun, and all products related to her. Among the most imporant we can cite VirtualBox, MySQL and office suite In today's post we cover, the baton exchange has raised many hardships.

With the new version 3.2.1 OpenOffice, Oracle has implemented the new set of icons (you find below) dal look vagamente Minimalism, we can define icons "di Design".

While the new icons almost monochromatic are elegant and minimalist, on the other hand are little usable on a practical level. And 'unquestionably easier for a user to choose between a six icons menù a tendina 16x16 colored ones (now associated with the application combined), rather than go and read line by line the program wanted. Obviously it is not humanly possible to see the differences between black and white icons when they occur within a drop-down menu, to those dimensions logos are programs utopia.

And reactions the introduction of these graphical improvements (which however create a discomfort for usability) there were few.


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