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Linux4one: project suspended indefinitely


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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It 'a few days ago the news of cessation of development activities for the distribution "Linux4One", based deployment ubuntu 8.04 (up to the latest release) optimized for netbook. It seemed that the version 2.0 was almost at its birth, but from what you read on the front page now l 'hardware of the most popular netbooks supported the major GNU / Linux distributions, also seems that the developers did not have more time to devote to the project.

While the news may rattristare (there are many users switched to GNU / Linux thanks to its "Linux4One") the other it opens the way to new reflections. First, do the existing project. Linux4One is a reality, it is not correct to abandon users, and that is why I urge as many people as possible to join the forum and propose a different direction for the beloved distribution.

The "fine" more likely is that the distribution is made by, paving the way for all changes made by the developers. The changes have not been few, from kernel optimized file "modprobe". In place to package the entire distribution with all necessary modifications would be a good idea to create a support to all users who have chosen GNU / Linux and would like the whole 'hardware running. This other way would also have utility teaching to all users recently switched to GNU / Linux.

Waiting to get feedback on what is proposed on the forum all that remains is to hope that the project entrances not a dead end and is left to itself.


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