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Tutorial: create a mural with Gimp

Today's tutorial is very simple, we will see how to add written metropolitan a photo of a wall (or any other texture that lends) with Gimp.

First, always eats, must have a beautiful photo available.

Remember of course to respect the different licenses.

At this point we download font "Juice" so that lends itself to the work that we are going to play.

Then from the main panel of the instrument with Gimp "Text" () write our mural.

Double click the layer name and rename "text1". Click with the right the text layer and widen the margins clicking on "Margin Size level" and we center.

Duplicate the layer calling "text2". Click with the right on the level "text2" and select "Alpha to Selection". Now that it has selected only the word go in the menu "Selection" - "Enlarge" and set 10px.

We fill level white (select "Fill whole selection" from the tool options "Filling" ) and just place below the level "text1".

Concatenate now the two levels "text1" and "text2" with the chain that will appear by clicking the tab in the levels between the 'wink e l'preview level () and, selecting one, distort the perspective (tool "Outlook" )so that it follows the trend of bricks.

Now merge together the two levels right-clicking on the top layer and selecting "Merge Down". We change the mode from "Usual" a "Overlying" and we're done.

Anyone who wants can customize the tutorial as it sees fit. Here I added a little ' color.


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  1. nice tutorial .. and beautiful photo! 😀

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