This article was published more than a year ago, there may have been developments.
Please take this into account.

The review of today wants to be a rather severe criticism to the plug-in in object. Let us first see what it is.

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Pandora is one script for Gimp that helps to glue together multiple images to create a panorama.

Pandora can not find the common points to pictures automatically, but automates the most tedious part of the creation of the panorama: create an image sufficiently large in which load different images in separate layers, with initial space and Layer Masks.

And it is on this point that we must put emphasis. Pandora does not find the control points within an image. To create a panorama that can be defined as such you must first find the common points per photo, and Pandora It does not provide un'automatismo even coarse alignment. Among other things, I think this plug-in useless because it does not foresee a minimum of perspective distortion, create a panorama does not mean put photos side by side, involves placing meticulously the various photo points in common, distort the perspective in a way that does not seem to separate photos and “write” l’output finale in un file.

All these operations are still alien to Pandora, and since it is developed by 2003, I would have hoped for something more mature.

For those wanting a true software to create panoramic photos are pleased to advise Hugin, and the program (referred we have already discussed) that unlike Pandora has all the numbers for the creating panoramas.

For the record, I post below the result of merging multiple images into one using Pandora. Observe the cypress and its outline to approximately one third of the image width, the red car duplicated in the second third of the image, not counting the horizon of the coast and the various shades of blue as far as the sky. The picture speaks for itself.



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TheJoe · 9 March 2013 at 4:40 PM

I went back casually on this post, and as stated above in my last comment, I had promised myself to come back “pandora” to give another chance to the plugin.
I'm sorry for Roberto, but I can see that nothing has changed by the inclusion of my article. The development of the plugin has been stopped (the latest version is the 9/3/2007) and riprovandolo (non to the mai) the same problems came to light. I inserted the image in the article of results from stich some pictures and reconfirm everything I said about the functions “The Meta” Plugin. Nothing alignment, no perspective distortion, no nothing.
Unless there will be no new releases this plugin is to be considered dead.

TheJoe · 31 January 2012 at 3:15 PM

Ciao Roberto, and thanks for the comment.
In fact, the article was written in July 2010, things will definitely changed since then.
Meanwhile, thank you for reporting, as soon as I get a chance to test it again Pandora.

roberto · 29 January 2012 at 5:21 PM

I do not know what year aThis your post and that SO. refers, but to date, January 2012, in a Linux environment, after installing Pandora, at the bottom of the menu “Filters” there is a beautiful “Make panorama”: you click on, choose the immaginmi, from the Ok and you find the panoramic photo ready-made :).
Otiimo hugin, but it is a little’ less intuitive.

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