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For some time now I come “feeddato” the, a site that until a few days ago I did not know yet. is a great Italian reality, a very ambitious project that aims to create a editorial product on the web based solely on the sources of the web.

In a nutshell Liquid is a news aggregator completely Italian, that occurs, however, as a newspaper (in fact there is all behind a small editorial staff).

I blog, and the bloggher grow day by day, this leads to Liquid aggregate the news. The topics are varied, from policy, to the costume, to technology, to TV and so on. Liquid puts it all together, creates a huge Calderone dividing the post (no blogs) by category and returning a nicely formatted page showing the news according to rank e al karma the blogger. In this way the blogs “interesting“, or better most reliable sources will end in the first articles, fate will reverse the sources less reliable.

Even taking a quick look at the first page of we realize that it is a editorial product:

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the Wikipedia
The diction user-generated content (User-Generated Content the UGC in inglese) was born in 2005 environments of web publishing and new media to indicate the material available on the web produced by users rather than by specialized companies. It is a symptom of democratization of content production made possible by the spread of multimedia hardware and software solutions simple and low-cost.

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