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Easter eggs: OpenOffice


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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The "Easter eggs" in computer science are some surprises that programmers insert into their software to "entertain" User.

Often easter egg are hidden, one implemented in Google maps (perhaps the most striking) suggested swim across the Atlantic Ocean to arrive in the United States.

Today we see a couple of, the famous open source office suite.

Open "Calc", OpenOffice's spreadsheet and write the string in any cell "=TTT()". Will be displayed face a different every time that the expression is repeated.

Always "Calc" write in any cell "=game()". Confirming the formula will read "say what?". Changing the formula in "=game("StarWars")" it will appear integrated in OpenOffice a window where you can play a clone of the famous 2d space shooter "Space Invaders". Repeating the procedure more than once will show the message "oh no, not again!".


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  1. but good .. thanks .. a high pastime in the office!XD

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