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For some months now the news is official that the famous Mauro Paravia, one of the main dictionaries of the Italian language have closed its online election, coming out of each catalog. The decision was taken by motivating as a useless waste of resources the publication of the words online. A non Hanno portavano useful dire Loro come to’purchase a hardcover book.

It was first to predict user behavior. Who consults a dictionary online usually does not need an identical instrument and paper. This may not bring big profits construed as sales of the same paper tool, but having regard to access to the site they could come home, including the online advertising (De Mauro was I think the first, or between the first dictionaries to allow consultation directly online).

At first he was moved to the online version to the main page ““, is integrated into the contemporary dictionary of synonyms and antonyms the home page. A little later is removed completely online dictionary, and now I find out that the domain is no longer active.

A bad choice in my opinion, that leads me inevitably to surrogates advertise online presence.

To control synonyms and antonyms, and etymology the word:

And two excellent references for a language vocabulary:

  • WordReference - English translation of words, Spanish, French, German, Russian and vice versa. It also contains the definitions of English words and incorporates a useful forum in which users ask for help from native speakers.
  • Oxford Dictonary - English monolingual dictionary
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Scoprire the attivo furthermore mi dominio non ha un po’ rattristato. As for my personal experience when necessitavo of any lemma, or a definition I have always gone without fail with the Mauro Paravia, know that now is no longer available really saddens me.


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Fabio · 10 January 2013 at 10:59 PM

condivido pienamente tutto, ha rattristato anches me.

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