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A click in the URL bar of Firefox to highlight any address

Chi usa GNU/Linux knows, the Firefox features for all operating systems are the same, but sometimes we find move, the renamed. One of these functions is evidenzeare the whole URL of a site with a click anziché due. It may seem trivial, but when you often use both GNU/Linux that Windows this difference creates confusion, and I wonder why this feature might not be at least Unified for both operating systems.

Let's see in a few short passages as set the single click to highlight the entire address. First we type the address in Firefox "about:config".


Flickr Edition: an application for backing up your own flickr

Today we see a kidnapped overview of open source software "Flickr Edition".

FlickrEdit is nothing other than an application written in Java that si logga in our Flickr account and download photos on the computer for personal use or for recharging (for example in case of attack hackers).


Buc, another open source software firm

It dates back to October 2009 thelast change to the code of BUC (Just One Click), we are talking once again of a usable and useful software that seems to have closed the whole shebang.

As indicated in the site ...

BUC - Just A Click - (a xml parser in C flanked by a generator dynamic interfaces in C with QT), è un software Open Source (GPL2) per GNU/Linux, developed by Matteo Ava in collaboration with Valerio Billera and the SiciLinuX Group, able to transform bash script (text file made executable, containing commands to be executed) in applications with convenient graphical interface and give a graphical interface to programs that can be run only from the command line.


Import the format “.to” in Inkscape

Many of you already know Inkscape, the program open source for excellence vector graphics, that with Scribus and Gimp defines the complete package for graphics its GNU/Linux. If on one side, however, is limited in 'import / export formats (not more than it is Adobe Illustrator), the other is definitely more versatile as modular.

The following software allow the import format ".to", Owner Adobe Illustrator.


OpenOffice introduces the new icons minimalist

Lately (not so recently) Oracle bought Sun, and all products related to her. Among the most imporant we can cite VirtualBox, MySQL and office suite In today's post we cover, the baton exchange has raised many hardships.


Linux4one: project suspended indefinitely

It 'a few days ago the news of cessation of development activities for the distribution "Linux4One", based deployment ubuntu 8.04 (up to the latest release) optimized for netbook. It seemed that the version 2.0 was almost at its birth, but from what you read on the front page now l 'hardware of the most popular netbooks supported the major GNU / Linux distributions, also seems that the developers did not have more time to devote to the project.


Tutorial: create a mural with Gimp

Today's tutorial is very simple, we will see how to add written metropolitan a photo of a wall (or any other texture that lends) with Gimp.

First, always eats, must have a beautiful photo available.

Remember of course to respect the different licenses.


Pandora: a plug-in for Gimp that categorically do not recommend

The review of today wants to be a rather severe criticism to the plug-in in object. Let us first see what it is.

... the official site
Pandora is one script for Gimp that helps to glue together multiple images to create a panorama.

Pandora can not find the common points to pictures automatically, but automates the most tedious part of the creation of the panorama: create an image sufficiently large in which load different images in separate layers, with initial space and Layer Masks.

15Jul/100 e lo “user generated content” Italian

For some time now I come "feeddato" the, a site that until a few days ago I did not know yet. is a great Italian reality, a very ambitious project that aims to create a editorial product on the web based solely on the sources of the web.


Tutorial: play with gradients Gimp

I gradients are a tool that beginners often ignorant of graphics tend to neglect because "difficult". In reality, the gradients are a part fundamental graphics software, without it would be more complex to create shades and glows. In this article we have fun playing with some of the gradients default Gimp, we will see that they are simple to use and can help us to create simple, but effective effects.

Here are some pre-defined gradients of Gimp. It is enough to set the gradient mode of "Radial".