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Recently I've had to burn an iso. So far I have always entrusted k3b the brazier. I wanted to change right now, because brasero do not let me delete the disk (speaks of imaginary plugin), mentre k3b using the kde libraries (I do not want to load into my Gnome). The only alternative (perhaps not the only, but the one I most accredited) It is the use of command line.

My dvd is a rewritable already used. First we have unmount the disk, know how it is called the burner and delete the contents the same disk:

umount /media/nomedisco
wodim --devices      -questo comando restituirà il "name" del masterizzatore
cdrecord dev='/dev/scd0' blank=fast

Now burn it the image discharged by switching to cdrecord as parameters the writing speed (varies depending on the burner), the “namethe recorder (the same as before), the’picture to burn:

cdrecord-v speed = 6 dev = '/ dev/scd0'-data / path / to / image.iso

When burning one can observe the progression of the transferred data. At the end we get a line like this:

wodim: fifo had 19215 puts and 19215 gets.

If the numbers match dui means that’entire contents image was transferred on the disc successfully.

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