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The instrument “Simulate pressure” in Gimp

One of the tools that we often Coming from PhotoShop they miss is definitely the function "Simulate pressure".

To get an idea of ​​what I'm talking about take a look at the following screenshot of the above function in PhotoShop.

Il tool "Simulate pressure" does nothing soften the edges of entry and outlet of a tool (often uses the brush).

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that the instrument "Simulate pressure" is nothing but an invention of programmers that PhotoShop, I recognize, makes life easier, and very, the graph although it is not a real "innovation" in the strictest sense of the term.

It 'important to know, however, that Gimp is guilty of misconduct on this side, many complain that the above tool does not exist for Gimp, but unnecessarily, and below I will explain it with some demo image.

First we create a new image the size you prefer (I will use the default characteristics: 640x400 pixel) on which we will make a good track.

After created a new level on which "will draw" our route, go to the tab "Paths" and select "Draw along the route". At this point select "Outlines with a tool" and flagghiamo "Emula i pennelli dinamici" as in figure.

Now select the tool "Brush", and instrument settings, under the curtain "Brush Dynamics" select "Opacity", "Size", "Color" relating to the item "Pressure". The other items will not flag. Unfortunately, due to a bug is used the gradient although it is not selected. Shortly male, is sufficient select the white as foreground color and the black as background.

Now we can cliccare su "Outlines", and the result will be similar to that returned by PhotoShop.

And applications can be endless ...


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  1. Beautiful effect .. this seems to paola and simone are inside a tree Christmas .. ehehe.. We have to do, with the water's edge! 😉
    Beautiful photos you use in your up!!XD
    Grande TheJoe!

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