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Songbird music changes, no longer support GNU / Linux


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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A true revolution was unleashed when the official blog of Songbird for example, reported that the player no longer support GNU / Linux.

74 trackback and 589 Comments say a lot about the satisfaction of users from the open source for this strategic choice. Virtually all of the comments come from users of the player with GNU / Linux, who do not let themselves be fooled by the almost triumphant tone of the post: "Songbird sings a new tune" associated with the image of the mascot "Songbird" happy that he sings and if the sounds, the same one that I put in the article.

The decisione (in the post is not described) is given by the new partnership con Philips, develop parallel versions only for Windows and Mac.

In the post also reassure developers that the license will still be open source, the project will be always available, simply will no longer be tested on Linux. This decision is in part justified by the tables showing the percentages of use player on the various operating systems.

Windows Mac Intel Linux 32 Linux 64 Others
Active Users 78.2% 10.8% 7.7% 3.2% 0.1%
Windows Mac Linux Others
Users who reported bugs 77% 14% 9% -
Members who contributed add-on 74% 17% 9% -
Users who translated 72% 3% 25% -
Visits to the site 73% 11% 15% 1%
Share usage by operating system 91.3% 5.9% 1% 1.8%

To begin with 7,7% (32bit Linux users) + 3,9% (64bit Linux users) ago 10,9%, percentage slightly higher than that of Mac users (10,8%). At most, justified the termination of support for Mac users (it would?). We must take it as a novelty that Windows users are more compared to Linux users?

In the second table shows the percentage of contribution. Also in this case they are percentages taken the total number of users. If you hold 100 developers whose 10 use Linux, 10 use Mac and 80 use Windows it is obvious that I will have more contributions on the Windows. It would have been enough to do a count on contributions in relative terms. From 100% Linux users (10,9% of the total) what percentage contributed?

The statistics yield results that can not be read-thumb, must evaluate them concretely.

The good news is that the project was taken up by GetNightingale, a small group of developers who are being established with the intention of create new build from source code Songbird and make them available to users Linux. The bad news is that they are still at the beginning of the work that already promises to be difficult at the start.

A real shame to speak in these terms of software helpful and performance (especially in ultime release). With Songbird was easy synchronize mp3, connect your iTunes account (in fact it is one of the few alternatives to iTunes for Linux), listen to radio online in streaming e download music legally.


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