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FireFTP: an FTP client as an extension to FireFox


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Some time ago we talked about curlftpfs, posix a small program that allows you to mount an FTP resource in local.

Today, however, we speak of FireFTP, a small FTP client very light, that instead of being installed as a normal application, is installed as a Firefox extension.

FireFTP has nothing to envy to his fellow (uno fra tanti FileZilla), the only difference is in the installation. You can download it directly from the repository of Firefox extensions and is installed with a click. We start FireFTP via the menu "Tools" - "FireFTP". The program starts in a Firefox tab and supports all the features that distinguish the FTP client: session save, user e password, reconnection after the server timeout, timing the remote locale.

Being a Firefox extension is clear to everyone that slow down (slightly) operation. However, it is lighter than a traditional FTP client. We highly recommend the use. /


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