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Today we create simple badge “antipixel” with Gimp.

Perhaps not everyone knows about the “antipixel”. Let's see if Wikipedia it lightens ideas:

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A ‘antipixel, also called badge web, is small image used on websites to promote web standards, the software used to create the site, or to indicate a specific content licensing. The logo image Powered by MediaWiki, on the Wikipedia website is an example of a badge web.

In short a antipixel is a badge very small (80×15 pixel) that communicates information on the site, or visited page. It is not uncommon to find them in footer site to advertise the products with which they are “built” pages (thought to PHP, o a MySQL).

In short a antipixel provides information, and (seen that banner ads are more and more annoying) we can use them mistaking them as advertising in place of the banner exchange.

After this long introduction on antipixel, we pass to the concrete fulfillment. While there are several sites that allow the online generation (one for all “Pixel Button“), we will create our antipixel with Gimp. Start with opening a new image of the typical dimensions of antipixel: 80×15 pixel.

We create the edge immediately inside the rectangle, the size of a pixel. Click on the level “Background” (yet the only) with the right button and select “Alpha to Selection“. Then we go to the menu “Selection” – “Collapse” and select a reduction of pixel.

We reward “Ctrl” + “I” to invert the selection (or “Selection” – “Invert“) and with the tool “Color fill” we color the edge.

At this point we download the font Redenšek for the word that we are going to position aligned horizontally a right and vertically centered.

Select with the instrument “Rectangular Selection” the still empty on the left and fill with the instrument “Color fill“, add an image at will and here is our blog antipixel be exchanged with friends.


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