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Tutorial: red-eye removal with Gimp

In today's tutorial we remove the Red Eye, very common phenomenon in amateur photos and easy to deal with image editing software.

Unfortunately, the built-in plugin gimp "Filters" - "Improvement" - "Red-Eye Removal" is not very performant, or at least in my opinion not the expected results. Usually I attempt the task with success using the tool "Fencing / Burn" .

All you need to do is dab the red zones an soft brush. In this tutorial I use the "Circle fuzzy 15 (17x17)".

But first things first. Departing from this:

The buffering process is elementary. Do not drag it the mouse, cliccheremo but how many times will it take to come back black red areas.

Remember to select "Burn" between the tool options.

And this is the end result.

Short tutorial, simple, but useful.


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  1. siiiii really! 🙂

  2. Simple, eh? Undemanding and easy to understand..

  3. Ma Grazie 🙂 prossima volta che dovrò togliere questi “accursed” red eyes .. I'll try this alternative! 🙂

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