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Gimp: remove the “noise” from a photo with “Wavelet denoise”


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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For anyone involved in editing is always useful to have a tool for noise removal, and often the plugin integrated into Gimp does not return satisfactory results much.

Wavelet denoise This is a plugin for some time in registration plugin for a Gimp, a tool that deals with the noise removal satisfactorily (or at least in the most satisfactory of all the ones I've tried so far).

One of the strengths of this plugin is definitely the Preview Window in real time. As with many other plugins you can see how it will work after applying the plugin. Among other things, if we have a disorder on only one channel (often happens with red, or with the green) it is possible the fix on the single channel, leaving others intact.

The following preview we see the plugin in action. The photos show before and after application.

The photo is taken from the download page of the register plugin Gimp, I think it was deliberately chosen with a lot of noise (as well as move) to highlight the potential of the plugin.

In conclusion call a wavelet denoise great plugin, to take into account in its registry staff plug-in.


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