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This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Unfortunately Gimp not is still at the levels of its main competitor closed source. This somewhat 'I regret, and a little 'pushes me to look for solutions that approach a suitable level. One of the most annoying differences between Gimp and PhotoShop the lack of import / export curves between the two programs. Gimp saves the curves in a format similar to 'XML (as far as I know only readable by the Gimp, but standard), while the curves in PhotoShop save format ".asc" (a binary format readable only by PhotoShop and similar). The curves are one indispensable tool for every advanced user, but to this there is a small solution.

The site silicosaur makes available to users four simple script licensed under GPL (open source). These scripts act automatically on the curves giving four different effects. PortraFX, VelviaFX, ProviaFX and CrossProcessingFX. Directly from the site:

Simula PortraFX l'effetto "Portra color film" Kodak used to photograph the portraits by professional photographers. DOWNLOAD per GIMP 2.4 and later

ProviaFX simulates the effect "Provia daylight balanced reversal film" FujiFilm's for landscape photographers. DOWNLOAD per GIMP 2.4 and later

VelviaFX simulates the effect "Velvia", high reverse saturation for landscapes, Also this Fujifilm. DOWNLOAD for GIMP 2.4 and later

CrossProcessingFX simulates the effect "Cross Processing" (sometimes called x-pro), a method of photographic development in the chemical solution used in the past more than another (70s). For more information on Cross Processing visit the Wikipedia page. DOWNLOAD for GIMP 2.4 and later

After downloading each script you need to unpack them in the directory "/home/<user>/.gimp2.6/scripts/.", to refresh the script or restart Gimp. We will find the script into a new main menu item.


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