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Exclude files and directories from indexing using the file “robots.txt”

Exist in the network of standards of behavior for crawler (the offered, or even spider) by theContent indexing. I am not referring to the file ".htaccess", that is used to configure the webserver, I'm talking about the file "robots.txt".

The file "robots.txt" is one of configuration file simple that there are, and unlike ".htaccess" should be placed uniquely only in directory radice Site. This file communicates to the search engines that index our site indexing or less determined file the directory, and the operation is very simple:


Shell: burn at the command line

Recently I've had to burn an iso. So far I have always entrusted to k3b the brazier. I wanted to change right now, because brasero do not let me delete the disk (speaks of imaginary plugin), mentre k3b using the kde libraries (I do not want to load into my Gnome). The only alternative (perhaps not the only, but the one I most accredited) is the use of command line.


Tutorial: blur “fogging lenses” with Gimp

Today's tutorial can be very useful for example for photo books of marriages, it is a very soft blur, the effect is usually also used within the film to create l 'effect "flashback" Full of memories not.

We open a nice picture on which we are going to operate. I suggest a picture with subjects and background. In this tutorial I will use a photo that does not fit perfectly effect, however, the result is good.


The instrument “Simulate pressure” in Gimp

One of the tools that we often Coming from PhotoShop they miss is definitely the function "Simulate pressure".

To get an idea of ​​what I'm talking about take a look at the following screenshot of the above function in PhotoShop.


The function “auto-” di Google – Part II

Let's go back to laugh with the function "auto-" of Google. Today I wanted to try "techniques for shooting", but I was thrilled when I wrote "techniques to ".

We can be assured of a little 'things. Italians are obsessed with sex: men have the inferiority complex, gives fail to procreate.


Songbird music changes, no longer support GNU / Linux

A true revolution was unleashed when the official blog of Songbird for example, reported that the player no longer support GNU / Linux.

74 trackback and 589 Comments say a lot about the satisfaction of users from the open source for this strategic choice. Virtually all of the comments come from users of the player with GNU / Linux, who do not let themselves be fooled by the almost triumphant tone of the post: "Songbird sings a new tune" associated with the image of the mascot "Songbird" happy that he sings and if the sounds, the same one that I put in the article.


FireFTP: an FTP client as an extension to FireFox

Some time ago we talked about curlftpfs, posix a small program that allows you to mount an FTP resource in local.

Today, however, we speak of FireFTP, a small FTP client very light, that instead of being installed as a normal application, is installed as a Firefox extension.


Some extensions for Firefox that do not keep to wanting more

A few days ago who uses IE6 will see a nice box on top of the site with the suggestion of switch browsers. Choosing a modern browser is definitely advisable, also and especially as regards safety on the web.

This is also why today we talk of the web browser safest, fast and customizable of all time: Firefox.

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Firefox is a browser-derived Mozilla, the manufacturer of the American Mozilla suite (whose last update was on 2006). The suite included a browser, a program for e-mail (from which it is derived Thunderbird), a chat client for IRC channels, a newsreader, one 'editor html WYSIWYG. The old project was divided into several parts, and (aside from SeaMonkey, the current comprehensive suite) born Firefox for web and Thunderbird per the email. Both new born to house Mozilla had the characteristic of being extensible with third-party plugins. A very interesting choice, and at that time very innovative Mozilla. Finally a modular program, with basic functionality for the base packages, but infinitely extensible with third-party add-on for those who need other features added.


Tutorial: create a Antipixel with Gimp

Today we create simple badge "antipixel" with Gimp.

Perhaps not everyone knows about the "antipixel". Let's see if Wikipedia it lightens ideas:

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A 'antipixel, also called badge web, is a small image used on websites to promote web standards, the software used to create the site, or to indicate a specific content licensing. The logo image Powered by MediaWiki, on the Wikipedia website is an example of a badge web.


Tutorial: Artistic silhouette with Gimp

Today we do something a little more artistic, starting from a photo we extract the outline of subject and background, then we apply the random color to obtain a unique.

It is clear to everyone that this tutorial is not a photo, but a very strong image manipulation.

The following photo is our starting point, and the next arrival.