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Today is a little advice for the use’FTP in a very simple way. Curlftps usually is not automatically installed in major distributions, although this can be easily found in repository. As always the installation instructions are the usual: “yum -y install curlftpfs” to Red Hat, and “apt-get install curlftpfs” to Debian. Furthermore curlftpfs is a program command line, to my knowledge has not been created yet gui, despite this, the operation is simple and I will not go into explanations:

curlftpfs -o user="user:pwd" /mnt/ Once you launch the command will find our remote FTP server mounted under “/mnt /“, it will be possible move files the change the permissions as if we were working in locale. I also wanted to try to open a text file and save it with Gedit. After a legitimate expectation is automatically saved even remotely.

Transfer a directory on the remote server as if you were working in local

I have not made attempts, but it seems an excellent solution for backup remoti. Would it be possible to automatically mount the filesystem on the local FTP, and start rsync so that different transfer files to a remote directory. Transfers would deal curlftpfs, leaving to rsync only the burden of destination.

Botti final not to be missed…

After some time of use I came across by chance in the most trivial of commands in the command line: “ps ax“, command shows the processes running at the time of launch. I was surprised that I could read in light of the complete string curlftpfs (compresa di ftp user and password). If your computer is used by multiple users, you better make sure that such information is not so in plain sight. To do this, just create the file “.netrc” in the home directory of the affected user. Inside will be the following content:

login miousername
password miapassword

Then launch curlftpfs simply specifying the destination directory, that:

curlftpfs / mnt / mysite /
curlftpfs -o user=”nome:password” mountpoint/


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TheJoe · 1 March 2012 at 8:13 PM

As soon as I have time to test it update the article and give you feedback.
Meanwhile, thank you for reporting (and lines of code).

telebabbo · 1 March 2012 at 7:44 PM

Hello! I wrote a GUI for curlftpfs, you can download it from:


    Domenico · 2 January 2019 at 4:55 PM

    Article useful, GUI and very interesting!! Thanks!!

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