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Now let's see how the tool works “Clones” Gimp. Often we will ever need remove the elements from a photo taken which disturb the fluidity. This thinking an ad light pole, a bush, a chewed gum e appiccicata sul muro. Requirements can be many, but for this tutorial I decided to show its use for remove objects from the background. The instrument “Clones” does nothing but copy a portion existing in the picture (usually a reason fairly uniform) and cover areas that we do not want in the picture.

As usual, if we hold the rights to the photo we can do what we want, if the photo is downloaded eye licensing. Departing from this beautiful summer image. Our goal is remove the umbrellas on the left part of the background, and to do so will only use the Clone tool. “

First select the tool cloned “” to be used together with a brush wide enough. Personally I prefer to use the ones with feathered edges:

Holding down “Ctrl” select a portion of the sky with which we want cover the umbrellas.

Once you have selected the region concerned we “brush” the beach umbrella, in way of cover it with blue Sky. The instrument “Clones” does not recognize the colors, however,, passing over the photos is easy to be cloned with the parts we do not want.

As in this case, however,, it is possible that the cloning of let burrs, thus damaging the image.

  Enter a font "custom" by CSS, without upload

In these cases you can use the “Gaussian Blur” (“Filters” – “Blur” – “Gaussian Blur“) selecting the area with barbs (But only the blue). In this case I used a radius of 33px for the blur.

We select the "dirty"

And we apply the blur

Now we are really finished.


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