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  1. Honestly… can not be. 😉

    Once you have created the new channel should be able to see it with all the plug-in. The path to the effects of light is “Filters” – “Light and shadow” – “Lighting Effects”. Active, the bump map with a flag and select the channel.

    Try to send me a screencast of your procedure, see if there are any in.

  2. Alora after many attempts I noticed that:

    the channel appears on filters if I select map and bump map. Continues to broaden its not there be lights in the filter…

  3. I give the channel invisible, I go back to the tab of the levels, I select the text layer and apply lighting effects…

  4. I saw the video: make invisible when the channel where you run away with the pointer? 🙂

  5. I still do not understand.. probably I can not explain well. I made a screencast, the public also in the article. I hope you help.

  6. 🙂 Creo lo sfondo (Radial Gradient), I create the text (I do not apply the drops) I duplicate the layer and apply on the original level in the alpha Selected.

    On channels create a new channel and cue “initializes the selection (opacity 100%) I apply the blur guassiana (3 times with 3 different values) and I make the channel invisible.
    I select the copied layer to go on the panel lights: Map cantilevered I get the channel, Applying the lights (materials and the map which I think is a level) I do not get your result.

  7. Ummhh.. I find it strange.. let's recap for a moment.

    You come to have written (with drops) in white on a different background, but on different channels, right?
    – click with the right on the LEVEL of the text -> “selection to Alpha”,
    – CHANNELS create a new tab in the channel as shown,
    – imposed the three blur (7, 4 and 1 px),
    – deselect and make invisible the channel.

    I do not understand what you do not is clear..

  8. Unfortunately I follow to his letter but also that part of the channel in the displacement map is not…. uffff

  9. Hello, thanks for the compliments, but I guess you missed a step.. Resume With: “Now we go to the tab “Channels”:” – “And we create a new channel from selection”.

    The new channel will then blurred, made invisible and will be available later in the window of “mappa a sbalzo”.

  10. Salve, congratulations for the article.
    I have a problem when they apply the lights: in the panel as an image for the bump map should select the channel created just before? In my list there is the channel. What do you mean “Let's create a bump map of the channel that we have blurred a little while ago”?

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