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In today's article we are talking about a very useful technique for “adjust” the text at a geometry. The same results can be obtained with Gimp, the difference is that Scribus does not create a raster image, but (being a publishing software) left untouched by the letters, changing only size and orientation with precise mathematical instructions. When you need to enlarge a portion of the PDF created with Scribus there will be no loss of quality.

First, create a folding three-panel. We select the three facades from the central menu and choose as orientation “horizontal“.

Then we create three text boxes (a column each), that in this tutorial I filled with the most classic of “Lorem ipsum“.

Now we trace ellipse with the tool, that will position to the below the second column, “trasbordando” slightly in the first and last.

Now we convert our ellipse in a curve Beizer, This step is important because the text will follow the contours.

Now let's create another text box and we fill it with asterisks.

To “join” the asterisks to the frame we must first select the two elements (click on the frame + key capital + click on the ellipse) and then select “Merge element to Path“.

The result will be:

To make sure that the words do not overlap the frame just created will need to create another ellipse and overlaps the previous, making it transparent via the tab “colors” (It must be transparent outline both space filling).

Look here:  Tutorial: even out the color in a simple way with Gimp

At this point we go in the tab “form” and select “around the contour line“.

When the work is completed, moving items this will be the result:

In this tutorial I used the asterisks, but it is clear to everyone that you can use any other character.


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