Busybox, (almost) throughout the shell of GNU / Linux on mobile devices

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Today we talk about BusyBox, a program specially written for “carry” the shell on devices Linux embedded. Among the devices that we can meet with GNU / Linux built-in flash memory are the famous TomTom, some phones (Motorola made a trailblazer), and for example, many models of decoder for digital terrestrial.

Directly from the site:

BusyBox combines the versions of many small programs (utility) UNIX in a small executable file. Provides alternatives for most of the utilities which are often found in GNU fileutils, shellutils, etc.. The utilities provided by BusyBox generally have less options compared to complete programs, in any case, the options included offer functionality which are often expected and behave like their GNU counterparts. BusyBox provides an environment for a fairly complete small embedded device.

My old ROKR E6

I remember feeling BusyBox successfully in my old Motorola, a Rokr e6 very innovative for the period, and clearly not marketed in Italy.

I suggest the use of BusyBox only if you know what you're using, leave lose in any other case, may damage your device and not be able to restore the initial characteristics.

Look here:  Installare FreeFileSync su Linux


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