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The “shell” di GNU/Linux (the terminale) is a very important part of any system GNU/Linux, and although it has been largely “bypassed” by the various GUI, remains the most direct way “communicate” with the machine without many intermediaries.

This article aims to show the most common commands (the most widely used) to the command line:

lsshow the contents of the current directory
cd "nome directory"enters in the directory indicated
mkdir "nome directory"creates a new directory called “directory name”
rm "nome directory" o "nome file"removes the specified object
topshow an ordered list of running processes, in cima i più “hexoses”
ps axshow the list of processes (and related “pid”) in chronological order
kill "numero pid"ends the process corresponding to the “pid” added
killall "nome processo"ends all jobs matching the name you entered

Today's lesson on the shell ends here, but soon other interesting notions.

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