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Today let's look at a plugin that I consider interesting from a practical point of view, not only for the ease of use, but also and especially for the many functions that offers.

It is G&#8217;MIC (Greyc’s Magic Image Converter), plugin whose features have left me stunned virtually.

A very light plugin, whose zip on the official site that weighs just 1.71 MB in addition to offering virtually all the filters that already offers Gimp, adds some fast effect of simplifying the job done.

G'MIC is, as reported on the official site, the natural continuation of the software GREYCstoration, now no longer developed. It comes only a plugin for Gimp.

Unfortunately,, being the G'MIC exhumation a program existed and no longer developed, the developers have included all of the old program functionality within the plugin, actually duplicating the effects. Filters such as Gaussian blur, o la “drop shadow“, the’water effect o la Lens Distortion are already present from very early on in Gimp, and there has never been a need to duplicate. In my opinion, developers should wipe out the existing plugin, and include only those that are useful, innovative and simplifying it (such as the effects “polaroid“, “reflection“, “hardcover“… and many others).

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