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Today we talk about Electric Guitar, indeed the optimal settings to get the sound as close as possible to that of the famous artists.

Often we convince ourselves that for a sound “perfect” is necessary to have a multi-effect pedals, valvular, and a full rack, but it is often enough “play” a little with the equalizer amp.

The following settings are usually applied to amplifiers enough powerful (from 100The), ed a cure one clean sound particular, better if valvular. You'll still bring even more modest amplifiers with, which of course will not have the same yield. Clearly groped costs nothing and can be fun too.

drive 6
treble 5
mid 6
bass 8
reverb 3
overdrive on
Guns n’ Roses – Sweet Child of Mine
drive 10
treble 3
mid 5
bass 7
reverb 3
overdrive on
drive 7
treble 3
mid 7
bass 9
reverb 3
overdrive on
velvet revolver
drive 10
treble 8
mid 7
bass 6
overdrive on
gain 6 / 7

In this article I have included some of my favorite pieces, but more will follow.

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voucher · 4 May 2010 at 7:25 PM

oh finally a bit of ROCK! 😉

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