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Today, with a simple trick, we will see how to create a simple effect “Sunbirst” with Gimp. All we need is to have Gimp installed.

We begin to create a work surface white and square, I will use 1000×1000 pixel, but any other dimension (purché l’immagine sia square) può andar bene.

Now select the instrument “Rectangular Selection” a first rectangle, measure 50px wide and 1000px height.

With the copyPaste, glue the rectangle in the same position in which it is located and assign a level.

We can now color the new level of Black, to do this, just go to “Colors” – “Invert“.

At this point will duplicate the level ten times and will position the new levels at a distance of 50px l’uno dall’altro. In pratica fra un rettangolo nero e l’altro ci dovrà essere un rettangolo bianco the same size of those blacks.

To align the rectangles can be placed blacks the guideline zero horizontal. In this way we will have to take care to be accurate only for the vertical pixels.

Now click with the right of any of the levels created and select “Merge Visible Layers“.

Per creare l’effetto “Sunburst” we will use the tool “Polar Coordinates“, below “Filters” – “Distortions” – “Polar Coordinates“.

Nella finestra di dialogo spostiamo l’ammontare relativo alla profondità del cerchio a zero.

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And here is the final result.

Obviously the result may vary depending on the colors, e a seconda delle esigenze può variare l’uso che se ne fa.


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