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TheAcer Aspire One (aka AspirOne) is, as has already been discussed, a high-performance netbook, supports the installation of GNU/Linux, which makes it much more powerful than it does Windows.

Skype also exists for GNU / Linux, and because the AspirOne integrates a microphone and a webcam would be interesting to see some settings for the adjustment of Skype sull'AspirOne. We begin to see how to optimally adjust the microphone volume by Skype.

Skype and built-in microphone:


In the tab "Recording"To begin the levels of the left and right channel (I do not know why) must be different. For both "Capture”, for both "Digital"Does not require a substantial difference, just that one is a little higher than the other (as in figure).


In the tab "Reproduction"Everything set to the maximum (or with a very high volume), except for "Front Mic Boost"That is to minimum.


In the tab "Source”, if we want to talk to the built-in microphone leave "Mic”, to speak with a microphone connected to the mini jack change in "Front Mic”.


In Skype is important do not adjust the mixer panel. As in figure we remove the tick from "allow Skype to adjust the mixer settings”.

Acer Aspire One e la webcam:


Skype does not need to be adjusted because the webcam functions, I suggest the program "v4l2ucp"To set brightness, contrast, saturation and color. To test the webcam suggest Cheese, package included in all major distributions.


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