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Professionalism’ on the internet has some problems

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The lack of professionalism on the internet leads to such sites

Today's post is a bit 'controversial, usually tend not to complain about what is, but sometimes intolerance leads me to utterances of this kind. Take it as "a comprehensive guide on what to avoid if you want to make a successful website"

Just today in the office I read an e-mail titled "Fwd: Proposal for membership". Just the fact that there was not even the decency to delete "Fwd:" makes me think, but supersedes and step to the content of the message that carry, hoping that the managers of the site that I bring this read my post:

To the attention of responsible marketing.

We invite you to visit the new portal Hospitality - My - that offers all the facilities free membership with the inclusion of significant data ,also for a small fee you can have your own home page collegamentoalla.

We point out that we do not charge any fees for making reservations we will address on your website.

The visibility of the structure of the Internet today is of fundamental importance ,therefore greater visibility more opportunity to increase turnover.

If you want to register your property on our web site address is as follows :

I take this opportunity to thank you for your attention.

Best Regards

The Editors


Well, it is a promotional email in favor of the site "", presented as a free service in favor of "all structures". To the manager of the property is asked for a small contribution only in case you want to redirect its customers from the site of the structure to their. Now I ask myself two questions: What this site will serve if I am offered a price for direct visitors to the my located on the site in question? How can I increase my visibility and the related clinti that would ensue if they are I I'll take the load of the linkback? Would not it make more sense to the opposite? If I want my structure to appear on the site pay a percentage, but to link to my site I can put as many as I want.

However, both will be wrong philosophy initial, but maybe if the site is done with certain criteria may appear vaguely alluring to potential clients. I have incorporated in a nice screenshot of what it looks like the site. A background electric blue, a logo does not exist in the top of the page, some photos conspicuously bordered of green, una bella tabellona, also with bordi taken into and some hotels with photos taken apparently the case. The navigation menu where you can choose the region is on the left, policed ​​regional capitals shown on the right. Take away the fact that green is not it matches the blue it seems to me that all paintings, true?

The thing that makes me think more is that in all the hotels listed in the site are exclusively of high categories, we find only hotels 3, 4 the 5 stars with relatively high prices and quality services, nothing pensions, bed and breakfast, cottages or other. I became suspicious and I wrote a couple of these hotels which they replied that he had never requested to be listed in this site, especially as the sites of the hotels (among the many I've seen) I have not seen appear anywhere on the link to "". Question fairly unique.

In practice these to advertise their own list only luxury hotel, by sending requests to hotels in the lower categories, in fact penalizing the latter, often ignorant of web marketing rely on cheaper services, maybe wrong.

To conclude are not for save the foolish, those who want to dig the grave with his own hands is free to do, if there is a hotel manager that you want to (in full possession of his mental faculties) subscribe to a site like this is free to do so, but not expect to increase the customer.


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