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Il logo della NoMachine

Many blog readers will almost certainly be familiar with VNC, the remote access software to display (the operare) the remote computer. Today, however, we are talking about NoMachine NX, software developed by NoMachine which deals with the “login” remote. A differenza di VNC non avremo la possibilità di vedere le operazioni eseguite dall’utente in remoto, ma la possibilità di loggarci come se fossimo un’utente della macchina a cui ci colleghiamo.

NX is a software developed by the NoMachine, un’azienda italiana di successo. From the site NoMachine you can download the free version for GNU / Linux software, the download is differentiated by hardware architecture (i386 on x86_64) and GNU / Linux (.deb for Debian , .rpm per Red Hat, .tar.gz to compile). In fact the software are three in all: Server, Email client “Node” (una dipendenza open source necessaria all’avvio dei primi due). Il software per quanto riguarda client e server è proprietario.

For those who administer should require more than a certain number of computers it is possible to download NX Server Manager, a convenient graphical interface for managing “on the fly” Multiple Servers.

There is also a project derived from the core open source software NX named “FreeNX“. I quote the words of the official website:

Tecologia NX is a new and exciting for the remote display. And it's’ in grado di fornire all’utente una risposta vicina alla velocità locale nonostante l’alta latenza o la scarsa disponibilità di banda. The core libraries for NX are distributed by NoMachine under the GPL license. FreeNX è un’implementazione GPL dei componenti NX server e client.

Here is a screenshot of NoMachine NX installed on a distro GNU / Linux with KDE, connected to a Windows PC.


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TheJoe · 17 May 2012 at 3:20 PM

Oh well, I thought to turn off the flame but apparently I have fed.. 😐

I · 16 May 2012 at 1:08 PM

with elevated language, pinco not understand a shit and make him laugh!!!!

TheJoe · 4 June 2010 at 5:39 PM

Elevated language apart, I do not think you've grasped the operation.
Nomachine NX (as explained in the article and in the title) you do not need to “check” the screen of a user from a remote.
With NX Nomachine we can directly logging on the remote computer with your username and password, as if we were physically working on the server. In this way, a computer is not very performant (as a netbook) can harness the power of an advanced computer, when connected to a more powerful computer. Even in companies is possible to configure a computer with Nomachine NX server with a high potential, which will go to the normal client computer conntettersi (can also be very old pcs) that will exploit the full potential of the PC server (of course if the server can give 10 and connected users are 5, users will have 2).

The software for desktop sharing are other, and have other purposes. Before commenting would be useful to read the article maybe.

pinco · 4 June 2010 at 1:53 PM

…new tools to shit the fuck to employees? deluded…

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