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Screenshot della vecchia graficaFor too long I used as the template "green template" created by me, I think about ten years ago, and later still when I used LimboCMS "translated" by FlatPress. Both packages were configured to save the contents of a text file (flat file), which proved to be an excellent solution, but we all know that text files have deficiencies that make up for the database (were invented for that too).

Now that I am struggling with WordPress I do not even seem real some features. The latest version of WordPress on which I put my hands still did not allow the update of the plugin package and automatic, also to install themes and plugins was needed before downloading them locally, then upload them to the remote site. Now everything is much simpler, there is a convenient manager of plugins and themes that allows you to connect to the site and look for the plugins wordpress according to keywords, and themes, you can search by color, layout, positioning of the column, and so on.

The theme I just installed it seems to me very clear and clean, I hope best navigation.


I keep this blog as a hobby by 2009. I am passionate about graphic, technology, software Open Source. Among my articles will be easy to find music, and some personal thoughts, but I prefer the direct line of the blog mainly to technology. For more information contact me.

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