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Gnome 3 and possible changes to the “System Status Area”


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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gnome_logo.jpg It 'available in a few days Gnome 2.30, this means that the next version will (the may be) Gnome 3 (which will include Gnome Shell). Wandering in the project are casually aware of some changes to the "System Status Area"That probably will come to life.

There is a possibility that in the "System Status Area” di Gnome 3 are used black and white icons "Ubuntu style” (or perhaps we should call them "Mac OSX style”).

Major changes will in all probability adopted by 'battery icon, that will clearly show which are the devices that consume battery.


Another debate was created on where to place the button "minimize"In Gnome Shell (or even remove it). The button "minimize"Will no longer be what it has done so far (because now only moves the window pane "Activity"And the only way to restore the window is to click on"Activity”). The button for the closure will remain on the right, but there are suggestions about adding a new button on the left to move the window to another virtual desk.

It 'a glimpse of the suggestions and / or roadmap which.

Se volete curiosarne l’aesthetic there are also screenshot freschi freschi.


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