10 filters for Gimp you should know

In this article we'll cover some of the the most popular effects (I use most) for a variety of graphic works. Clearly this is a non-exhaustive list, filter after filter but perhaps we can do something interesting.

This list of filters just wants to be a overview of what you can easily do with Gimp. (more…)

Tutorial: Sunburst con Gimp

Today, with a simple trick, we will see how to create a simple effect “Sunbirst” with Gimp. All we need is to have Gimp installed.

We begin to create a work surface white and square, I will use 1000×1000 pixel, but any other dimension (purché l’immagine sia square) può andar bene. (more…)

Linux4one: Skype su Acer Aspire One

TheAcer Aspire One (aka AspirOne) is, as has already been discussed, a high-performance netbook, supports the installation of GNU/Linux, which makes it much more powerful than it does Windows.

Skype also exists for GNU / Linux, and because the AspirOne integrates a microphone and a webcam would be interesting to see some settings for the adjustment of Skype sull'AspirOne. We begin to see how to optimally adjust the microphone volume by Skype. (more…)

TeamViewer come VNC, or better

TeamViewer is an international company based in Germany, whose flagship product is the namesake “TeamViewer“, software for Desktop sharing in remoto.

TeamViewer is a multiplatform, available for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and iPhone. Name and open source, but a commercial product whose license is free only in the private sphere. Upon installation of the package “free” you must declare to use the software only for non-commercial purposes, on the contrary will incur an. (more…)

Professionalism’ on the internet has some problems

Il Mio Alloggio Screenshot

The lack of professionalism on the internet leads to such sites

Today's post is a bit’ polemical, Usually I tend not to complain about what is, but sometimes intolerance leads me to utterances of this kind. Take it as “a comprehensive guide on what to avoid if you want to make a successful website

Just today in the office I read an e-mail titled “Fwd: Proposal for membership“. Just the fact that there was not even the decency to delete “Fwd:” makes me think, but supersedes and step to the content of the message that carry, hoping that the managers of the site that I bring this read my post: (more…)

NoMachine NX, remote login

Many people Il logo della NoMachinereaders of the blog will know almost certainly VNC, the remote access software to display (the operare) the remote computer. Today, however, we are talking about NoMachine NX, software developed by NoMachine which deals with the “login” remote. A differenza di VNC non avremo la possibilità di vedere le operazioni eseguite dall’utente in remoto, ma la possibilità di loggarci come se fossimo un’utente della macchina a cui ci colleghiamo. (more…)

Change wears

For too long I used as the template “green template” created by me, I think about ten years ago, and later still when I used LimboCMS “translated” by FlatPress. Both packages were configured to save the contents of a text file (flat file), which turned out to be an excellent solution, but Read more…

Where is in Fedora “My Computer”

There are several ways to perform the analysis of access to a site, uno fra tanti è “Google Analytics“. In short Google makes available free of charge a useful service to the webmaster to understand the performance of their site on the internet, monitor access, control the frequency with which a visitor returns to the site, the Click sections, the click less and also keywords that after the route to the site search. (more…)

Gnome 3 and possible changes to the “System Status Area”

gnome_logo.jpg It 'available in a few days Gnome 2.30, this means that the next version will (the may be) Gnome 3 (which will include Gnome Shell). Wandering in the project are casually aware of some changes to the "System Status Area"That probably will come to life.

There is a possibility that in the "System Status Area” di Gnome 3 are used black and white icons "Ubuntu style” (or perhaps we should call them "Mac OSX style”). (more…)

CSS: Reset CSS

css.jpg The technique of 'zero CSS styles was introduced for the first time by Eric Meyer the purpose of having a workspace ideally white where from zero to define all the styles you need without having to take into account the default formatting of a given style.

Because the reset.css functions need to be included before the main CSS. Let's see how:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="reset.css" media="screen" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" media="screen" />

And here's what we need to add in the "reset.css”: (more…)