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logo.jpgFor some time I administer some sites on the platform Aruba, I've always been excited to Aruba because of the many services offered at a very low cost compared to the competition. Soon I got tired of just standard services offered by Aruba, Platform for administrative accounts (Windows server), customer service almost non-existent and the interminable number of panels in which you can enter your own data (there are at least three). At this point I decided to switch to VHosting, but it is known: "Who let the old way for the new, knows what he's lost and does not know what is ". Let's see what I missed and what I found:

Offer "domain + web space + mail ":
Aruba: 26,00€ annui
| VHosting: 30,00€ annui

Aruba: 9,99€ annui
| VHosting: 8,00€ annui

Third-level Domain:
Aruba: 5,00€ cad. yearly
| VHosting: unlimited free

Aruba: Unlimited
| VHosting: 1GB

Email addresses:
Aruba: 5 email addresses (POP3 only), 5 alias
| VHosting: unlimited e (POP3/IMAP), unlimited alias

Access email:
Aruba: webmail (even), POP3 (even), IMAP (2,00€ annui)
| VHosting: webmail (even), POP3 (even), IMAP (even)

Aruba: XandMail ( – Owner
| VHosting: Horde ( – Open source

Aruba: un account FTP, same credentials of the registrant
| VHosting: Unlimited, configurable

Aruba: 1 x 7,00€ annui
| VHosting: Unlimited

Backup database:
Aruba: 3,00€ annui
| VHosting: included in the offer

Administration panel:
Aruba: 3 different panels (domain, web space, mail) specially created by Aruba
| VHosting: 1 standard panel, Parallels Plesk Panel (OpenVZ)

Customer Care:
Aruba: tramite ticket 24/7/365
| VHosting: tramite ticket 24/7/365

Aruba: 12,91€ annui
| VHosting: included in the offer

Access to raw log files:
Aruba: disabled
| VHosting: possible, included in the offer

Backup spazio web:
Aruba: 2,00€ annui
| VHosting: included in the offer

Looking at these few data it seems clear that the choice of VHosting is the best between the two, among other several sources the web is talking about more than good.

My little misadventure there was also, however, with VHosting. Meanwhile, the waiting time for the activation domain. Aruba with two days after I already had the working domain, with VHosting I expected five (working). Before activation domain could still access the control panel via IP address, Now that the domain is active I can not access it, even using the IP.

For now I do not feel fully satisfied with neither hoster, VHosting certainly offers many services in more, I just hope that the rigmarole of problems is over with the activation domain.

A short news more concrete.

—- edit: 05/04/2010 – 15.43

As promised, now the recent developments in public about my experience with VHosting.

Plesk allows access to its web interface via connection on port "8443", But from where I surf this door is closed and the time of writing I did not bother to make a port scan on my firewall. As far as I know the control panel placed at my disposal has always worked, the problem was mine and I apologize to my hoster.

The fact remains that the waiting time for the activation domain. "It" was higher than in Aruba, for reasons which probably do not depend VHosting, ma lo duty registrare.

In conclusion, with regard to my personal experience, VHosting advice with respect to Aruba. The quality and quantity of services offered (and described in detail in the article) is very high, and last but not least the timely customer service.


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