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openvz.pngAfter two weeks on the run, here we are writing about open source software. Today we talk about OpenVZ, a program for the virtualization in the server.

Da Wikipedia:

A virtual private server (commonly VPS) is nothing more than a server connected to the Internet. Unlike a normal server, that is, a machine that actually exists and that has a cost of maintaining high enough, a vps is a server shared with other users. In other words, is a way of dividing a physical server into multiple computers independent of each other.

A technology that allows to have a server internally divided into more virtual environments independent. Obviously the costs are spread over all users.

Of course, despite all the precautions you can take to security the server, remains impossible to avoid security flaws, then the safest choice for a client particularly demanding in terms of safety is always the purchase of a dedicated machine.

OpenVZ is a convenient and simple program which is licensed GNU GPL, (then open source) for virtualization environments under GNU/Linux. As explained in the General Notes on the official site:

[…] a container (ed. “virtual server”) can be rebooted independently, ed ha "root" access, user, IP addresses, memory ram, running processes, file, applications, system libraries and configuration file

OpenVZ is the system at the base of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, the commercial solution offered by Parallels.

To test the product developers provide a live CD containing a distribution GNU/Linux with OpenVZ installed by default. Below is a screenshot.


Clearly, as with all open source programs proliferate tools for the simplification. MTC-web-panel is a web tool suitable to administer their own OpenVZ.


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