Da GNU/Linux a Mac OS X: “Mac4Lin”

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I understand that many readers may have misinterpreted the meaning of Article, but it is not a good idea to stop at the title.

Although there were doubts (addirittura ieri sera) I did not buy a Mac, and I'm not going to buy it in the short time, that we will discuss today is a project whose sole purpose is bring the interface of the Mac OS X desktop environment on GNU / Linux (on POSIX systems). “Mac4Lin is the name of the project, hosted on SourceForge. [more]

From the site you can download an archive containing themes, style OS X, of the various programs. Everything we need is GNU/Linux, Gnome the XFCE.

From the archive "Mac4Lin"Provides a"install"And"uninstaller”, two simple bash scripts that install the basic parts of the look. In addition, several are untarred directory containing the main parts of the look, come i mouse pointers, the icons, i are e i themes applications fra cui “Avant Window Navigator”, “Gnome Desktop Manager”, “Firefox”, “Thunderbird”, “Songbird”, “Pidgin”, the usplash, grub, the GTK and backgrounds.

For what can not be installed automatically by the installer there is the appropriate installation guide in pdf format, also downloadable from the same project on SourceForge. It contains several tips for "customize"Your desktop, regardless of whether you want to "chase" the interface OS X.

Look here:  Install the operating system via USB, with Unetbootin
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