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31Mar/100 su “VHosting service”

logo.jpgFor some time I administer some sites on the platform Aruba, I've always been excited to Aruba because of the many services offered at a very low cost compared to the competition. Soon I got tired of just standard services offered by Aruba, Platform for administrative accounts (Windows server), customer service almost non-existent and the interminable number of panels in which you can enter your own data (there are at least three). At this point I decided to switch to VHosting, but it is known: "Who let the old way for the new, knows what he's lost and does not know what is ". Let's see what I missed and what I found:


OpenVZ, a “virtual private server” open source

openvz.pngAfter two weeks on the run, here we are writing about open source software. Today we talk about OpenVZ, a program for the virtualization in the server.

Da Wikipedia:

A virtual private server (commonly VPS) is nothing more than a server connected to the Internet. Unlike a normal server, that is, a machine that actually exists and that has a cost of maintaining high enough, a vps is a server shared with other users. In other words, is a way of dividing a physical server into multiple computers independent of each other.

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Utili JavaScript: “SivamDesign”

sivamdesign.gif Stumble today another site that offers interesting script (JavaScript) for the varied needs.

SivamDesign provides more than 190 script and allows use on the web. The only requirements are the quote of your site in HTML comment and non-marketability. From the author's site:

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CSS and the property “outline”

w3c_home.png As many will know the CSS3 have not yet been fully implemented by browsers, we do not serve in the first part of this tutorial!. Already implemented by specific CSS2 was the property "outline”. Let us look at an example:

p.test {
    border: 1px solid #000000;
    outline: 3px solid # 6374AB;
    width: 20in;
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Da GNU/Linux a Mac OS X: “Mac4Lin”

mac4lin.png I understand that many readers may have misinterpreted the meaning of Article, but it is not a good idea to stop at the title.

Although there were doubts (addirittura ieri sera) I did not buy a Mac, and I'm not going to buy it in the short time, that we will discuss today is a project whose sole purpose is bring the interface of the Mac OS X desktop environment on GNU / Linux (on POSIX systems). “Mac4Lin is the name of the project, hosted on SourceForge. [more]

From the site you can download an archive containing themes, style OS X, of the various programs. Everything we need is GNU/Linux, Gnome the XFCE.


Una gallery per il web open source: “(And)2”

e2.png Today I report a web gallery written in javascript (MooTools) fully automated. And2 Photogallery.

From the technical point of view this web gallery is one of the scripts simpler that one might implement, is sufficient specify the path to the directory containing the images within the configuration file. The images are automatically resized, are created automatically miniature, and it is even possible to show the metadata EXIF images. [more]

From the site ""It is possible to download (And)2 photogallery and (And)2 gallery pro. The first is absolutely open source, and to tell the webmaster's license will remain unchanged. The second is a parallel project (I think that draws upon much of the code from the first), but it is not open source.

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Firefox Implementa “People” for themes

firefox.jpgA new, simpler management issues has been implemented in Firefox. I'm talking about "People”, the new way to customize to our liking your web browser safer.

The themes to be implemented are potentially infinite, and it is also much easier to create new. Suffice it to say that they are sufficient basic knowledge of the most basic techniques for creating 2D images, although clearly the experience helps. The steps to create our "Person!"Staff are few and very clear. [more]

First you need to go to this page (English) and follow the instructions:

  • create an image for the '"header" of the browser (where we see the buttons "back", "Forward", "Recharge", etc..
  • it must then create an image for the "footer" (where usually we find the status bar and extensions that are space them)
  • then we test all (strictly online)
  • and to finish the work we make available to all pissed

Some information for creating images "header":

Attention to the size, are valid only pictures of 3000px width, and 200px height. You can not use images larger.

Accepted formats are only "png" and "jpg".

Eye also to the size: images larger than 300kb will not be usable.

And of course we only use what we have: photos of which we own the rights, logos created by us. Nothing stuff that is not owned by us, or who is not licensed under CreativeCommons.

Some information for creating images "footer":

The maximum size is 3000px width and 100px in height, images in "jpg" or "png", weighing not more than 300kb.

As before we respect the licenses.

Even firefox you are pushing to the cloud, and I must say that this way of customizing the browser is really eye-candy.

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