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Music: “qbsc.mp3”

After merging a small mp3 player, “1 bit audio player”, between the pages of this blog, I thought the content from me (and a few others) created, can be directly usable and downloadable.

First on the list is the now famous "qbsc.mp3”, who, after having depopulated between the cellular acquaintances now lands on the web. The reason of the name is easily understandable after listening.


I should point out that the short sound file has been realized only with open source. OS, DAW, drum machine and a mastering tool used are open source software.

A short will realize a page that lists all of the works.

Good listening.


I keep this blog as a hobby by 2009. I am passionate about graphic, technology, software Open Source. Among my articles will be easy to find music, and some personal thoughts, but I prefer the direct line of the blog mainly to technology. For more information contact me.

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