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Gimp is the application open source for photo manipulation more prevalent on the internet, and as already often repeated, unlike its "brothers” closed source (come PhotoShop) is to all effects customizable.

One of the most unpleasant that I noticed in the use of the program is management of the mouse pointer. For each selected tool pointer changes to show the "little drawing"Corresponding to the instrument.


This bothers me because I do not have the ability to properly see the area on which I am working, but there is a solution. In the window "Edit” – “Preferences” – “Image Window"We find the item"Pointer mode”, We can choose between "Tool icon”, “Tool icon with crosshair"O"Only crosshairs”.

Personally I find it better to work only with the crosshairs, also because the toolbox is always in the foreground, and at a glance I check the selected.

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