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In today's article we talk about some of the player audio freely available from the network. Many will surely have tried to use the player MySpace the Youtube, but they are not exactly the best of what the network has to offer.

The players are all covered in this article open source, and from me personally tested. First things first: [more]

1bit audio player


As the name says is a very small audio player, is not suitable for all needs and its features are few but distinctive. The script is only about adding a little "play" button at every page in mp3 called.

The site is not indicated licenses or restrictions. The author with whom I made contact, however, ensures the usability of your code to commercial projects and not, and to attribute to himself the work. The source code is made available.

XSPF Web Music Player


This other player that uses the format XSPF (XML Shared Playlist Format) for playlists offers three different solutions, in three different packages. "Extended" offers a vision of the whole playlist vertically, to select the desired song. "Slim" viewing the playlist as ticker, allowing the change of songs using the "next" and "previous". "Button" display minimal, a single "play" button to play and no controls.

The three scripts are licensed under the BSD, among the most permissive open source licenses. The project is hosted on sourceforge.

Flash MP3 Player


Like the previous, the latter script also allows customization of the interface, and in this case you can customize in five different ways. "Mini" is the interface lighter, presents the play button and a small scroll bar, no volume and no information about the track. "Normal" presents the play button, the scroll bar, the stop button and a button to read the basic information on the MP3. "Maxi" replaces the key to the information about the mp3 with the volume key. "Multi" allows playback of multiple tracks, elencate come playlist in verticale e i bottoni next e previous. "JS" is instead the version in JavaScript (and no longer in Flash), presents the play and stop buttons and a scroll bar to the position nell'mp3, this player can be completely controlled through code.

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The scripts are licensed under CreativeCommons BY SA, and MPL 1.1, it may also be used without citing the author.

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