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Globalmenu, the menu in Gnome Panel


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Today we see quickly what it is about the project "Global Menù”.

Many of you have probably already seen the dock bar Macs, rimanendone maybe fascinated by graphic effects, But perhaps not everyone using a Mac you will have noticed the innovative (well-established) available in the menu bar of each application. In a Mac every time you open the application menu bar is "cut"And"glued"In the panel. I do not know the reasons for this choice, I would tend to exclude the lack of screen space (Macs usually have screens rather spacious), but it seems a good trick to use on netbook, given their small width of the screen. [more]

And here enters the field Globalmenu. It is a small tool for the Gnome desktop. It comes in the form of applets for the panel, and is present in the Ubuntu repositories from 8.04.


As shown in the screenshot the operation is very sempice: are eliminated using the menu bar of all applications to be displayed panel. Obviously it will only see the menu of the active window.

I find this particularly useful feature on small screens, the only flaw is the lack of integration of the programs that do not use GTK. I'm talking for example of Firefox, Opera and OpenOffice. It seems that the programs most commonly used by the average user may not be supported, I say this is a major flaw, but does not affect the usability of the application: Firefox, Opera and OpenOffice will continue to work with their menu where it's always been. We hope that in future versions are also supported programs that do not use GTK.


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  1. Already, I had read something about the extent “global menu bar”, I have not tried myself but it seems to work.
    Remains, however, a solution that does not solve the problem but it circumvents.
    Among other things, the latest rumors on ubuntu 11.04 leaving in a few months, want (depending on how will developments) globalmenu enabled by default even for the native GTK applications like Firefox and OpenOffice / LibreOffice.
    It would be a nice turn, but it seems that ubuntu is chasing the graphical interface of Mac OS X.

  2. Just add the extension for firefox “global menu bar” and disable the classic menu with the extension “hide menu bar”…and everything works!No solution yet for openoffice!

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